• Making Modernity

    A new museum at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Making Modernity, presents the intriguing history of the chemical sciences. Sharply focused on the myriad ways chemistry has shaped and advanced the modern world, the exhibits vividly illustrate the far-reaching impact that scientific progress has on daily life.

    The dynamic brand identity evokes the significance and diversity of this compelling collection through the core kaleidoscopic image, classic logotype, and strong complementary palette

  • A preview rack card introduces and promotes the new museum

  • Selection from a
    series of single-themed kaleidoscopes developed to highlight topics and themes represented in the collection

  • Featuring a series of thematic kaleidoscopes, this nine-wave direct mail campaign creates intrigue and builds awareness of the new museum, Making Modernity, culminating with the grand opening

  • A three-story, view-through-vinyl window wrap on the fa├žade announces the museum on a dramatic scale and attracts visitors to the main entrance

  • Promotional banners adjacent to the entrance heighten visibility and increase public awareness

  • A selection of museum guides, from general information to thematic audio tours, enhance visitor experience

  • Contrasting themes are explored in this self-guided tour featuring artifacts extracted from exhibits throughout the museum

  • The grand opening is commemorated in this thought-provoking essay booklet, exploring dominant themes represented in the exhibition

  • An assortment of promotional items, from sneakers to ceramic coasters and T-shirts, feature both the core and supporting branding elements